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Beijing Corona Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.

Beijing Corona Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. (NEEQ:KNWY,836644), a state-owned high-tech enterprise, was initiated in 2001 based on the accumulation of scientific research for more than 30 years by Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, with Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Co, Ltd. (hereinafter as CASH) serving as the controlling shareholder . With the headquarters located in Tsinghua Tongfang Hi--Tech Plaza, No.1, Wangzhuang Road, Haidian District, Beijing, Corona owns three subsidiaries at present, namely, Corona Wind Energy Equipment(Beijing)Co., Ltd, Beijing Corona Photovoltaic Science & Technology Co., Ltd and Tibet Corona New Energy Development Co., Ltd.




Renewable Energy
Typical Project
  • In 2002

    the first domestic Typhoon turbine control system--600kW stall type wind turbine control system

  • In 2003

    the first domestic integrated grid-connected PV power station combined with construction--Tian Pu 50kW grid-connected PV power station

  • In 2004

    Asia’s largest solar PV grid-connected power station

    --Shenzhen International Garden Flower Expo Park 1MWp power station

  • In 2006

    The first domestic 1.5MW variable speed constant frequency wind turbine control system and converter substituting for foreign commercial unit operation

  • In 2008

    Domestic solar PV grid-connected power station with the largest single roof installation capacity

    -- International Trade City 1.295MWp power station in Yiwu, Zhejiang

  • In 2009

    China's largest solar wind integrated power station-- Guohua Shangyi 2.5MW wind-solar integrated grid-connected power station

  • In 2010

    the world’s tallest big-scale desertification power station -- 10MWp power station in Yambajan, Tibet

  • In 2011

    The first Solar PV power station in parallel with HV power grid

    -- 100kWp power station in Yambajan, Tibet

    The world’s highest and largest water-solar integrated micro-grid solar power station

    --14MW water-solar integrated micro-network power station in Yushu, Qinghai

  • In 2013

    Complement of the development and field application of 150kW voltage source inverter with maximum capacity at home and abroad

  • In 2014

    The world’s largest barracks car PV micro-frid system

    --barracks car 30kWp PV power station

  • In 2015

    one of the world’s highest and largest power stations 

    -- 30MWp grid-connected PV power station in Yangyi, Tib

  • In 2016

    Domestic landmark of mountain grid PV power station

    --magnificent 19.8MWp grid-connected PV power station in Qinglong, Qinhuangdao

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